Clear Focus SUPERVUE™

1370mm x 50m roll Premium


SuperVue is one of the flag ship products in the range. It’s versatility and quality is unsurpassed
of any perforated pressure sensitive vinyl in the market.
SuperVue is a Clear Focus film, with every aspect truly engineered.
From the backing release liner, adhesive, perforation pattern and
film substrate, all have been designed and tested to meet demanding
environmental, printing and application standards.
Such as the 2mm hole size. After extensive research and development,
Clear Focus determined that a perforation size of 2mm is
required to prevent rain from beading in the holes by facilitating
the water in running down the film and o the bottom edge. This
is an important attribute because there are many inherent issues
when water remains in the holes. Such as significantly reducing
the viewability of the film when looking out from inside the room.

• Polymeric
• Calendered
• 50% openess
• Up to 2 year outdoor durability
• Clear removeable adhesive
• 200 mic


Product specification

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