1520mm x 50m roll Premium

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CurvaLam is a premium cast vinyl optically clear overlaminate for our range of polyermic
calndered perforated One Way Vision films.
What makes CurvaLam stand apart from other laminates in the market is its exceptional clear
vision properties, even when the angle of the windscreen is acute. Unlike other laminates
which becomes less clear and more milky as the angle of the windshield increases, Clear Focus
CurvaLam remains crystal clear.
The other major di erentiating factor is that CurvaLam is conformable on simple curved windscreens.
It does not crease, crinkle, tunnel or lift o when installing over the curved sections of
the rear windscreen. It will conform to the shape of the windshield without needing heat. This
is a welcome relief for installers.

• Cast
• Calendered
• Gloss finish
• Up to 3 year outdoor durability
• Clear permanent adhesive
• 200 mic


Product specification

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